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The Baby Mamma’s Guide to Planning a Baby Shower

In Diary, Inspiration by Emma Walshe

Everyone loves a shindig! Mamma’s to be are no exception to this. My first baby shower had to be cancelled as the little lady herself decided she wanted to gatecrash the whole thing and arrived early. This time around I’ve suggested doing it a bit earlier to make sure I can actually attend. I’ve been doing a lot of window-shopping lately. I wanted to share some of my favourite things with you to help throw a memorable baby shower for that special Baby Mamma-to-be.

Food & Drink

Food is definitely one of the most important things on my mind the last few weeks. I’m sure I am not alone. All parties need cake, it’s essential! These were my favourite examples that would make a stunning centrepiece for your baby buffet. If like me, you are telling everyone whether you are team blue or pink there are so many options to customise the cake with. There are also some beautiful cakes if you are keeping it neutral and for now “Mum’s the word”.

If one large cake wasn’t enough for your guests (let’s face it, is it ever?), I love the idea of cupcakes as well. Guests can nibble on the little handfuls of yummy and take some of the bigger cake home with them. There is so much variety and choice out there at the moment. If you want to brave a bit of DIY baking there are some really cute cupcake toppers to add the finishing touches to your creations. Otherwise, you can order some professionally decorated cupcakes from the very talented companies around.

I also love the idea of alternative nibbles. Most are really easy to do yourself with some imagination and patience. I love these easy marshmallow rattles. They are a cute alternative to cake pops but so much easier to make. A dip in some coloured sugar or chocolate and these treats will make any of your guests smile. If you prefer a more luxurious marshmallow option, these days you can get them in all tastes and shapes from different vendors around the country. Another favourite of mine is macarons. I am never successful in making my own, but they add a hint of sophistication to any party. The only problem is; they taste like more! The fact that they can be made in any colour means that they can match any colour scheme or theme. I also came across a really easy idea; little bags of popcorn! I thought the label was really fun and it’s a quick and easy snack you can make yourself or use shop bought salty, sweet or toffee versions.

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It’s been a long time since I have had a cocktail and the summer weather is really making me miss them. I loved the idea of a “Mom-osa” table. You can have alcoholic and non-alcoholic prosecco options with a range of fruit juices to make a refreshing bevvy. Another idea I came across was giving your guests mini bottles of champagne or prosecco with a label saying “pop when she does”. There are lots of free printables online for these labels or etsy have some lovely shops that do a higher quality version.

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Decorations & Activities

So with my food and drink wishlist complete I looked for pretty ways to display it all. I love to display everything at a party on a nicely decorated table. It creates a gorgeous backdrop for the bump photographs. I am a big fan of confetti balloons at the moment. You can buy them with loose or fixed confetti. Crepe paper is the ultimate decorating tool! Depending on your time and budget you can either buy or make your own paper pompoms. There are great tutorials online for making ruffled pompoms or ribbon streamers. I loved the idea of a bump sash for the Mamma-to-be. If a sash would cramp your style you can also get rosettes. They don’t just come for the mother you can get ones for grandmothers, aunts and godmothers too.

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I have to say, I have been to a few baby showers and I am not a huge fan of some of the games. I like to keep it more relaxed and more about the treats and chats. There are two activities that I came across and loved. One was a DIY guestbook. There are many free printables online, incorporating different themes and the sex of the baby. You can leave a fingerprint or write a little message on a piece of paper shaped like a balloon. Once it is assembled and framed, it will be gorgeous hanging in the nursery. I also loved the idea of having little props around for the occasional selfie with the Mamma-to-be, a nice compliment to your beautifully decorated table. There are loads of fun games and activities out there and online like Baby Shower Bingo and Baby Shower Madlibs. There are websites that make it really easy for you and offer you free printables to make the party more fun.

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So now I have my dream baby shower planned in my head and window shopping is complete. I have to just hope that I can make it to this one! Hopefully, you got some great inspiration and tips to throw an amazing baby shower for the Baby Mamma-to-be in your life.

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